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Click 2 Crop 6.1

Click 2 Crop will let you perform very quick actions on pictures

Click 2 Crop will let you perform very quick actions on pictures, like cropping, resizing, rotating, sharpening, adding border, placing watermarks and fixing color.
Its interface has an air of sophistication. However, this may be a little frightening the first time you open this application. The developers claim it is an advantage to have all the tools you need within the reach of a click. However, the result is that there are too many small buttons crowded in the tool bar. What is worse, these buttons provide poor visual clues as to their functions. This is definitely a decision that goes against the current trend to group functions into separate tabs to minimize the learning impact on the user. As a result, it is likely that you will need to consult the accompanying help documents to get an idea of what this application is about.
Now, setting interface design issues aside, Click 2 Crop is very efficient at cropping picture, an operation from which it derives its name. After you open the desired photo, there will be a dot-line square that you can drag or resize at will to grab the desired part of the image. At this point, you may select different aspect ratios. A panel on the right will let you preview your work. The easy part is saving the results for a single click. It will let you browse for a location and give a name to the new file. In addition, you can even choose to let the program name the new files automatically in serial order. Another advantage of this application is the availability of variants for color correction or modification. In this respect, this tool will show previews of your image with different color settings for you to choose your favorite.
In general, Click 2 Crop may prove useful when you want to create photo mosaics but do not have enough photos; as cropping different parts or changing the color of a same picture will allow you to create several differently looking images.

Pedro Castro
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  • It lets you perform quick actions on photos
  • It includes variants for color correction or modification
  • It will let you quickly crop a photo to create several differently looking images


  • Its interface is unjustiably complex to use
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